Friday Favorites-Party Planning 

Happy Friday and Veterans Day!🇺🇸 First and foremost I want to thank all the veterans for serving our country and protecting our freedom! 

One of my FAVORITE things to do is party plan and host an event. Whether it’s a baby or bridal shower, Christmas party, or any other special event, it’s always got to have a theme that goes along with it. 

I often find myself getting alittle too carried away with decorations or the food and beverage menu (not to mention the expenses that go along with it😬). I guess you can call me a perfectionist! 

I’m going to keep this short and sweet (well the writing that is) and show you what I’ve done over the years. 

Hope you enjoy! 

This diaper cake was made for my friends baby shower. Considering her name is Tiffany and she was having a boy, we thought it was perfect to have a Tiffany and Co. theme. 

I hosted another baby shower for my friend who was having a girl. I surprised her with a Pretty In Pink theme. After all she was having a baby girl so we just had to have the shower scream pink! Food/beverages and decor were all pink and guests arrived wearing pink dresses including the mommy to be (we did give her the memo on wearing a pink dress). 

I made pink flowers and pink pompous from tissue paper. They were easy to make but a lot of work. Since the mommy to be has a sweet tooth I thought it would be fun to have a candy table. I filled champagne/wine glasses with pink chocolates/candies. 

I had guests write notes to mommy and baby on pink onesies and  I hung up them up with little baby clothes pins. 

How fun it was to have a wine tasting party. Of course it’s a good idea to have a lot of bread, crackers and cheese to wash the wine down. 

Awww my baby sisters baby shower. This one was a fun one to plan (not to mention emotional at the same time…happy tears.) I always like to ask the mommy to be if they have a theme for the nursery as that theme can also be for the shower. Considering my sister wanted a elephant themed nursery with the colors being grey and pink and white. I thought how cool would  it be to have a elephant themed shower?! Well all I can say is I got a little anal with this one. It was perfect timing being that Valentine’s Day was near so there was a lot of pink accessories/decor. It got to the point where I sat and picked out all the red m&m’s out of the red, pink and white bag. See, that’s were the “perfectionist” comes in. 

I have a friend who loves all things Vintage. So again…another baby shower! Vintage theme it was! 

I was honored to host a open house in a absolutely gorgeous home! I made desserts for the guests. I spent a lot of time making angel food cake pops with dark choc and white choc frosting and topped them off with either shredded coconut, pecans , almonds or chocolate sprinkles. The angel macaroons I made were so light and fluffy and oh so good! 

Hosted a Mexican theme Christmas. I did a taco bar and put all the fixings in margarita glasses. I always have to have a specialty drink. That years drink was a spice cranberry margarita. 

One of my favorite parties I hosted was a scary movie night. What’s a movie without popcorn and sweets?! I spent days searching for all types of different flavored popcorn. I placed the popcorn in fancy decor jars and labeled them all. I used black martini glasses for the festive m&m’s. The caramel apple sangria was a hit! 

Peppermint Cheesecake

Candy Cane Punch

Every year in December I host an annual gift exchange. I have accumulated so many holiday props over the years that I thought it would be a good idea to have a photo booth. Now it’s a given, I do it every year! 

Cranberry Rosemary White Sangria 

Another Christmas with yet another theme. That year was fondue and my favorite so far. 

I’m a child from the 80’s!  I always wanted to have a 80’s party and finally did it for my 34th birthday. 

Candy and treat table filled with all sorts of 80’s junk. 

Decorating with 80’s records, cassette tapes, and VHS’s. 80’s junk food 

This specialty drink was called Pretty in Pink (get it, haha) 

Tacky decor but that’s what the 80’s called for. 

I made cake pops with nerds and pop rocks and used silly straws for the sticks. 

Old 80’s sayings written with puff paint. 

Can you believe they still have Aqua Net and LA Looks?! I just had to buy them for bathroom props along with banana clips and some wet and wild hot pink lipstick in case you need to freshen up. 

Had to have a photo booth of course.  I made polaroid pics out of tag board. 

What’s an 80’s party without 80’s music and a dance floor. We danced “All Night Long.”

Hosted a sushi night with 2 other couples. What I loved about it was it was so intimate and we had such a great time together. Best part was we made our own sushi. Wow, what fun that was!

These little Frozen cupcakes kept me up all night long. They were made for a friend’s little girls Frozen Birthday party. 

I love to make sweets more then eat them. These creepy cupcakes don’t even look appetizing do they?! 

Another year for my annual favorite things gift exchange. Last year I switched it up and did a brunch and a mimosa bar. 

Eat Drink and be Merry! 

Bourbon Bread Pudding

Last years family Christmas was Southern themed. Boy did we have some good comfort food. Let’s just say I was in a food coma for a day! Stay tune for this years Christmas dinner theme…..!

If you go back a few blog posts ago (well more then a few) you’ll come across a Garden Party I hosted. Everything from the food to the decor… was by far my favorite party to host. Check it out. 

Hope you all enjoyed! Sorry for the overload of pics! 


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