Hello Beauty’s! Where do I begin…..?!?! I’ve been so busy since I wrote my last post (I know, it’s not an excuse!) that I just haven’t had the the time to sit down and write my heart out. 

So many exciting new things have been happening with my brand that I just can’t contain my excitement!! Again where do I begin….?!?! 

Ok, let’s start off with my logo and my business cards. I had come to realize that my look wasn’t truly me and they needed a change. I connected with my girl (check her out  on Instagram…drevule and nereblog) for some help. All I told her was I wanted to change the color palette to a softer look. I mentioned, golds, blush pink and neutrals (more me). Of course being amazing at her skills, she had her brain going a mile a minute and gave me a whole different look (not just the colors). I was beyond thrilled at what she had done and can’t thank her enough (I have sounded like a broken record to her personally). 

Here she is!!!!!

Business cards


As some of you know already, I have a upscale resale shop online that I’ve had for almost 2 years now. It’s something I’ve been really passionate about but knew their was something bigger for me to take on. With that said I decided it was time to open a online clothing boutique. I mean, why not add more to my already full plate?! What’s the difference you ask? My upscale resale is clothing I find in consignment shops (they take clothing that is within 2 yrs old) and my online boutique is brand new clothing bought from online wholesale companies. 

I love the variety I have with my shops! I think there’s a little something for everyone. You can shop new and used with prices so right. 

One of my dreams is to open an actual boutique someday! I seriously have visions of it in my head everyday! Not only the clothing/accessories I’ll carry but also the pretty decor I’ll have in it! DREAM A LITTLE DREAM!!! 

Here’s a look into my boutique in the making……(photography done by @drevule). Please check her out!!!!!!! 
Shop my looks (link in bio)


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