New Website

Happy Friday and Happy March ya’ll! Spring is in the air!  I wanted to inform you all that I’m working on a brand new website for my online clothing boutique and blog. Good news is, it’s going to be so pretty and so professional looking but the sad news is, is I’ll be shutting down … More New Website

Ne+Re Launch Party 

Happy Monday ya’ll! I just want to start off by saying, WOW I can breathe again (haha)!!!!!  With further a do….I wanna introduce to you Ne+Re blog! Ne+Re is every girls guide for when it comes to fashion, food, fitness, beauty tips, traveling,photography, you name it……!!! These to lovely ladies are so passionate with collaborating … More Ne+Re Launch Party 


Hello Beauty’s! Where do I begin…..?!?! I’ve been so busy since I wrote my last post (I know, it’s not an excuse!) that I just haven’t had the the time to sit down and write my heart out.  So many exciting new things have been happening with my brand that I just can’t contain my … More Branding 

Christmas Card 

  Hi Lovelys! It’s been awhile…..! I want to start off by saying I can’t believe Christmas is only 6 days away! Eek! Are you all done with your shopping,  I’m not (pretty darn close though)!  I’m usually a last minuter.  Every year I always have to come up with some sort of plan for our … More Christmas Card 

Sequin Joggers 

Cheers to the weekend my friends! Today’s post is all about these sparkly joggers and how to wear them. Who says sequins is just for the holidays?! There also fun to wear for any other event/occasion. Or why not just lounge around in them?!  There is plenty of ways to wear these little gems. Get … More Sequin Joggers 

Weekend Wear 

Hello lovies! Let me start off by saying this November weather has just been unbelievably GORGEOUS!! It was 70 degrees this whole weekend! Definitely soaking it up and enjoying the outdoors. Being that I live in MN, it’s so bizarre to see people wearing shorts and then see Christmas decor. It just doesn’t go together!  … More Weekend Wear